Italy is ranged 11th in the world! Of the thirty players on Italy's roster, at least 23 were born in the US. They can play with the National team if the eligible the rules by the law. This is by fair much more Americanized roster than ordinarily where uses in the teams. Further more is Italy second best achiever behind Kingdom of the Netherlands in/with the European Championship, the have played 30 times and won 27 medals  (9 gold, 16 silver and 3 bronze). In the world ranking of baseball Italy is ranged 15th out of 75 countries.

The Italian Fastpitch Softball team is one of the top-ranked teams in Europe. They are ninth in the world ranking. Just like team Kingdom of the Netherlands, they have won 9 gold medals, 6 silver medals (and 1 bronze) on the European Championship. A game between Italy and Team Kingdom of the Netherlands is a guarantee for a big spectacle and a high level of softball.

Roster Italy Baseball

The Italian baseball squad is not confirmed yet.


Roster Italy Softball

The Italian softball squad is not confirmed yet.